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Please send me your head.

I’m Karen Schmidt, and I’m working on a project that requires me to paint many 3″ x 3″ portraits, so I’m soliciting headshots from everyone.

The ideal photo would be a clear headshot against a solid background, but I’m extremely adaptable. Clarity is pretty important, though.

It doesn’t have to be current – it can be an old yearbook photo, mugshot, snapshot, passport picture – pretty much any clear photo. Old, young, kids, babies – a range would be nice.

Email, point me to a Flickr set or YouTube video, or send me your photo any way you can.

Along with your photo, please let me know how you heard about the project (specifically, from what person) and where you live (what city).

I will be posting the paintings here as I work. All I need is your head and your permission to paint it.

If you’re on FaceBook, you might want to check out the Send Me Your Head page there.